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It is our goal to help you capture beautiful images of your family's special moments. Whether you are the one pressing the shutter button or you choose to leave that up to us, we want you to have images that help you to remember the times of your life. CLARITY was created to help you find information about photography-related gear, learn how to best capture and edit your images, determine the best ways to share you photos, discover links to the works of inspirational photographers, and more. If you have ideas on topics you'd like to see covered on our blog, please be sure to let us know.

6 Tips to Understanding White Balance & Color Temperature | SLR Lounge Photography Tutorial

April 26, 2017
Understanding how white balance can impact your photographs can be a tough concept to grasp... Watch as from Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge explores six tips on how to manage...
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How to Match Exposure on Multiple Photos in Adobe Lightroom

April 20, 2017
Have lots of images that all need the same exposure adjustment but don't want to do them one-by-one? In this short video from longtime Lightroom team member Benjamin Ward...
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5 Quick Tips for Sharper Images from PhotoRec TV

April 19, 2017
Getting sharper photographs is not as hard as you think... Watch as Toby Gelston from PhotoRec TV describes five different techniques to help you make sharper images.
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Our Recommended DSLR | The Nikon D5600

April 18, 2017
The Nikon D5600 (affiliate link) is our recommended camera for photography enthusiasts. It is a versatile camera with great image quality and is able to capture fast movi...
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The World of Photographer W. Eugene Smith

April 14, 2017
Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography put together this really interesting biography on photographer W. Eugene Smith. Here's Forbes' description from his YouTube channel...
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