Since 2008, we have thoroughly enjoyed providing portrait, wedding, sports, and performance photography for our clients in and around Denver, Colorado. In addition, we have tried to curate information on our blog to help aspiring photographers.

While we are no longer accepting paid work, we want to continue sharing our images as we move into a new stage of our lives. Going forward, you can plan on seeing more travel and nature photographs. However, we will continue to try to provide helpful educational resources to those looking to improve their photography skills.


Photograph of Gary Baxter, Owner of Frame the Moment PhotographyGary BaxterGary Baxter


Gary's language is full of terms not often heard in everyday conversation like ISO, f-stop, SEO, HTML, off-site backup and Rule of Thirds. He loves listening to photography podcasts, TED Talks and Broadway showtunes - yes, showtunes.

  • Favorite Foods: Jet's Pizza, Raisinettes, Ice Cream
  • Favorite Brands:  Nikon, Olympus, Bluebell, Adobe
  • Favorite Books:  A Passion for Excellence, The Pursuit of Wow
  • Favorite Movies:  Hoosiers, Braveheart, Phantom of the Opera
  • Favorite TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Last Man Standing, Survivor
  • Favorite Apps: Ted Talks, Craigslist, DOFMaster

Photograph of Cait Baxter, Owner of Frame the Moment PhotographyCait BaxterCait Baxter


Cait is a self proclaimed "glam geek" - she loves all things pink, girly, and glittery while also loving Marvel, Disney, and Harry Potter. 

She also owns two companies - Being Cait B and Party Like a Princess. You can keep up with everything Cait B on her social media accounts... primarily TikTok and Instagram.

  • Favorite Drinks: Costa Vanilla Chai, Cadbury Hot Chocolate, Diet Coke
  • Favorite Brands: Ted Baker, Kate Spade, Charlotte Tilbury
  • Favorite Books: At the Water's Edge, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Harry Potter
  • Favorite Movies: Legally Blonde, The Amazing Spiderman, Leap Year
  • Favorite TV Shows: Gilmore Girls, Yellowstone, Derry Girls
  • Favorite Apps: Instagram, Spotify, Twitch