Connor | Front Range Christian School Senior Pictures | Littleton, CO

September 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Connor is quiet, a little shy, but so mature and sweet and patient. That patience was on display as we asked him to sit, squat, lean, 'turtle', look over here, smile without teeth, 'squinch' (Gary's new word), do it over, tuck this in and, oh yeah... give your sister a piggy back ride! Mama Jodi and sister Kayli were there as well helping us to encourage those smiles.  We are so blessed just to know these three very special people.

When it was time to take the sibling pics, getting on Connor's back was a challenge. He's tall! But Kayli went for it, always certain she was going to fall, which made for great expressions for the camera! Jodi told a great joke that was meant to make them laugh as we were taking their picture... we laughed but Connor and Kayli didn't. Maybe you should 'whisper' it next time, Jodi! ;)













































































































































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