Client Testimonials

“Need a LOVE button - just appreciate these so much more than ‘like’ can express...”  ~ Beth

“You do amazing work... Jeremy and I could not be happier with you and your work! You have a true talent and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!”  ~ Loretta


“The Baxter family is truly passionate about photography and customer service. They are so flexible and take some of the most wonderful pictures we’ve ever seen.”  ~ Terri

“Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to photograph the UltraCare Case Managers! The photos are beautiful and the case managers are so appreciative of your efforts. Many thanks.”  ~ Barb

Corporate HeadshotCorporate Headshot
Portrait of Irish DancerPortrait of Irish Dancer

“You guys have such a way of capturing the essence of these dancers... the photo of my daughter is SOOOOOO her – attitude and all!!!”  ~ Sharon

“The Baxters are great and will treat you like a member of their family. And they have serious game when it comes to photography.”  ~ Jay

Corporate HeadshotCorporate Headshot


“Thank you sooooooo much, you guys. Now the hard part: they want us to pick one by tomorrow, and they’re all so wonderful. Choices, choices....”  ~ Anita