Our goal is to help you capture beautiful photographs of your family's special moments. Whether you are the one pressing the shutter button or you choose to leave that up to us, we want you to have images that help you to remember the times of your life.

We created our blog to help you easily find information about photography-related gear, how to best capture and edit your images, finding the best ways to share your photos, the works of inspirational photographers, and more.

If you have ideas on topics you'd like to see covered on our blog, please be sure to let us know.

Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market

February 03, 2023
We had a pleasant surprise during the holidays last year. On our trip to the United Kingdom, we happened to be visiting "England's Christmas Capital" at just the right ti...
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Everything You Need to Know About Lens Hoods

July 17, 2018
Ever wonder about those weirdly shaped plastic things that fit on the end of a camera lens? Phil Steele, from www.steeletraining.com, does a nice job of explaining why, w...
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Travel Photography Mistakes... and How To Avoid Them!

July 11, 2018
As we were preparing for our summer vacation, we turned to YouTube for help. In this video, noted photography educators Tony and Chelsea Northrup share some of their trav...
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Travel Camera Recommendation - Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

July 10, 2018
Several months ago we purchased a new travel camera. We were looking for a small, lightweight camera with good image quality that wouldn't break the bank. After doing a b...
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Brendan | Air Academy High School Senior Pictures | Colorado Springs

July 09, 2018
Brendan chose downtown Littleton, Colorado (one of our favorite locations) for his senior picture session. We love this venue because of the wide variety of backgrounds t...
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2017 Golden High School Prom Portraits

May 03, 2017
We love photographing high school students. Senior pictures, athletics, theatrical productions, and homecoming / prom sessions are always a lot of fun. Last weekend, we...
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Animal Kingdom Photo Tips from Ron Magill

April 29, 2017
Last weekend, we had the opportunity to hear Ron Magill from Zoo Miami speak at the Denver Zoo on the topic of wildlife photography. Ron is a Nikon Ambassador and his lec...
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How to Match Exposure on Multiple Photos in Adobe Lightroom

April 20, 2017
Have lots of images that all need the same exposure adjustment but don't want to do them one-by-one? In this short video from longtime Lightroom team member Benjamin Ward...
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5 Quick Tips for Sharper Images from PhotoRec TV

April 19, 2017
Getting sharper photographs is not as hard as you think... Watch as Toby Gelston from PhotoRec TV describes five different techniques to help you make sharper images.
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The World of Photographer W. Eugene Smith

April 14, 2017
Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography put together this really interesting biography on photographer W. Eugene Smith. Here's Forbes' description from his YouTube channel...
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How to Crop Your Photographs in Adobe Lightroom

April 13, 2017
In this short video from Julieanne Kost, she provides us with tips and tricks on the best ways to crop your images in Adobe Lightroom. If you're interested in tryi...
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Understanding Nikon Autofocus Settings

April 12, 2017
Are you struggling with Nikon's autofocus system? Not sure which mode to use? This video from Steve Perry does a nice job of describing the autofocus system and giving ex...
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Allie | Ponderosa High School Senior Pictures | Parker, CO

April 10, 2017
We had the opportunity to photograph Allie during her family's portrait session a couple years ago. Based on those photos, we knew we were going to get some great images...
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What do artists do all day? A BBC FOUR documentary on Scottish photographer Albert Watson

April 07, 2017
This BBC FOUR documentary on Scottish photographer Albert Watson is entertaining, insightful, and inspirational. From the description on YouTube... "Documentary followi...
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How to Compare, Rate, and Prioritize Images in Adobe Lightroom

April 06, 2017
In this short video from Julieanne Kost, she provides us with tips and tricks on how to compare, rate, and prioritize images in Adobe Lightroom. If you're interest...
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