Yes, we are serious about the technical side of our photography but we take a casual, lighthearted approach to each photo session. We realize how important it is to have high quality images to look back on over the years but we also like to have fun and enjoy each moment that we share together. We don't want you to feel stressed-out or rushed during our time together. We want you to relax and enjoy it as we create not only special images but special memories, as well.

With advancements in digital photography, we think that many situations that called for a professional photographer in the past can now be adequately covered by the family photographer. In fact, we offer education to help our clients take better photographs without us. However, we do believe there are times when we can help: 

  • the photographic subject requires specialty equipment like fast moving sports in poorly-lit venues
  • you want to watch and/or participate and not be the photographer
  • you may lack experience in a particular genre

We also firmly believe that everyone should have access to quality photographic services. With that in mind, we created a business model that makes professional imaging services available to everyone – regardless of budget. If you have visited our portfolio pages and reviewed our pricing, you might be asking how we can offer such a high level of quality and service at those prices. The answer is really pretty simple. Although we have made a significant investment in our professional Nikon equipment, we have been able to keep our other operating costs low. For example:

  • We shoot primarily on-location to avoid costly studio overhead.
  • We limit the number of sessions / events we shoot each year so that we can avoid additional administrative costs (i.e. studio manager, assistants, etc.).
  • We do our own portrait re-touching to avoid additional staff or consultant costs.
  • We do our own website design and development avoiding costly graphic designers and computer staff.
  • We hold full-time jobs that "pay the rent" so we don't have to charge high prices in an attempt to make a living from our photography.  We have also found that providing photographic services on a part-time basis helps us keep our passion up and your prices down.

So, if you like what you see, please give us a call at (720) 939-1377 or complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.