Portrait Session Tips

Corporate HeadshotCorporate Headshot

We want you to look your best in your portraits so we have a few suggestions for you. In particular, we have developed some clothing guidelines that will greatly enhance the quality of your images.

You may bring as many changes of clothes as you wish but please keep in mind that the time for your portrait session is limited.  You should make sure that your clothes are clean and well-pressed. You may want to bring your clothes on hangers with all the accessories. You should also keep in mind that not all locations offer a place to change clothes so plan accordingly.

Bring a variety of colors. Change up the style, all one look may get boring. Don't bring all blue outfits - even if it is your favorite color. The rule of thumb is that solid colors are better than patterns. Patterns tend to draw attention away from your face and to your clothes.  Darker clothing tends to minimize body size, and light tones tend to emphasize body size.  For casual, outdoor photos, comfort is the rule. Jeans and khakis look great but try to stay away from shorts.

Necklines and sleeve length are important. A v-neck top is best if your neck is short and your face is full. A turtleneck or high-necked garment is more flattering if your neck is longer and your face is slender. Avoid short sleeves and tank tops!  Long sleeves draw attention away from the arms and focus on the face – just the way we want it.

Plan all of your outfits completely because we will take photos that are close-up, full length, and in-between. Make sure to carefully select your shoes. You want your shoes to compliment your outfit and not be in contrast to it. The same goes for jewelry. Use your discretion when selecting what jewelry you will wear. Too much jewelry will draw attention to itself. Avoid clothing that has wording on it (except for school logos for Senior Portraits). Also, good undergarments go unnoticed, bad ones don’t.

Makeup for photographs should be slightly heavier than normal. However, too much makeup tends to give that painted look while too little might not show off your features. A translucent powder is helpful to eliminate shine. Make sure to bring some of your own makeup for touch ups.  If you prefer, we have a make-up artist available for a small additional charge.

Hair styling should be appropriate to the High School Senior PictureHigh School Senior Picture clothing selected. Avoid new hairstyles or having your hair cut a few days before your portrait session. Be sure to bring your comb or brush. For those who shave, we suggest that you be freshly shaven prior to your session. Retouching can hide blemishes but cannot fix razor stubble.

We have two suggestions for you if you wear glasses. The first is to go to your optician and see if you can borrow an identical pair without the lenses. If you can't get a pair of frames then ask your optician to remove the lenses in your glasses. The absence of your lenses will greatly enhance your portrait, and we won't have to worry about reflections or glare. Don’t worry if those options don’t work for you. We have a few tricks we can use to minimize the glare.

Please don't forget the importance of your hands in your portraits. Your nails should be well manicured. Ladies, whether you choose to do your nails yourself or have them manicured, use coordinating colors. A french manicure is suggested.

For Senior Pictures, we are happy to include items like musical instruments, cheer or sports uniforms and/or equipment, special mementos, etc., in your portrait.

Also, you may enjoy having friends or family members with you during your portrait session. Feel free to invite a few people to come with you to your shoot.

We hope that these tips will help you be better prepared for your portrait session. Once all the preparation is done, it’ll be time to relax and have some fun! We’re really looking forward to having a great time during your session. We hope you are, too…